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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween Festivities

The candy I made for Isaac since he can't have sugar and all the other stuff that's in candy. I made this with honey, ground pecans and a little bit of pumpkin...they were delicious, Isaac loved them. YAY! Success!
Isaac posed for this picture all on his own, so cute! His sense of humor and imagination are really blossoming!!
This was the first year that Isaac came up with the idea on his own of what he wanted to be for Halloween...a scarecrow!
We just went with left-over costumes for the twins, James was a monkey and Evie was a lion, not really a girl costume, I know...but she still looked adorable!
The most I can get Michael to dress up for Halloween, wear a wizard hat. ha ha
This is at a pumpkin patch in Half Moon Bay. Isaac is saying hello to a witch that was wandering around. :-)
I let the twins loose and it was crazy chasing after the both of them.

That's Isaac sliding down the giant slide. This year he climbed up the rope in a matter of seconds, just last year and the year took him a long time...he's really progressing so much, we are thrilled!
He had a great time riding the pony, he wasn't scared at all this year.
We all carved pumpkins after Isaac got home from school on Halloween.
This is at Isaac's school for the Halloween parade.
Here he is coming out of the classroom for the parade.

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Amy Mitchell said...

Hey Janeen-
How are things in Cali? I hope you and your family are all good- We definietly need to keep in touch- Your kids are too cute! Tell Michael "HI" for me-
Love- Amy